About Us

EnergyQuest International, Inc. is an environmentally friendly Company that is currently offering our cost saving product EQ Mileage Booster in selected markets around the world. EQ Mileage Booster provides short term and long-term benefits to automobiles, trucks, power plants and others who burn gasoline or diesel. Our business strategy revolves around our desire to provide high quality products to improve the environment, increase fuel mileage and enhance the performance and life of internal combustion engines. The use of EQ Mileage Booster will save the user money on fuel and at the same time provide cleaner air and a cleaner environment. EQ Mileage Booster is guaranteed to improve gas or diesel fuel mileage by 5% to 20% or more, thereby saving the motorist, truck or equipment operator serious dollars on their fuel costs. EQ Mileage Booster will add longer life to engines. More complete burning of fuel and lower operating temperatures because of higher lubricity will lower maintenance cost.

The Company has spent several years developing relationships and demonstrating EQ Mileage Booster to numerous retailers and potential customers. We believe these efforts will be successful as we are currently involved in professional presentations to the largest automotive parts retailers in the US. The Company is actively pursuing investment capital through a Private Placement Memorandum available to qualified individuals or investment entities. (Investor information: jim@energyquestint.com )

Energy Quest international was formed to produce and sell environmentally friendly products to the United States and other areas of the World. The purpose of this Executive Summary is to familiarize possible interested parties with the business and future plans of EnergyQuest International. The Company’s current product EQ Mileage Booster supplies money saving fuel additive products to motorists, trucking fleets power plants and other petroleum burning industries. The focus of EnergyQuest is on its initial product EQ Mileage Booster. EQ Mileage Booster is geared to commercial and institutional fleets that consume huge amounts of diesel or gas fuel as well as individual users for their personal vehicles.

While EQ Mileage Booster will reduce maintenance and repair costs and save fleets thousands of dollars, it will also be a benefit to individual users as fuel prices skyrocket in today’s economy. EQ Mileage Booster helps clean the air our children breathe and increases the outdoor activities available to all of society. In a continuing effort to clean the air EQ Mileage Booster is offering this non-toxic non-hazardous product which will not only reduce

smoke and harmful emissions but at the same time save the user significant expense in the cost of fuel and maintenance. EQ Mileage Booster with its proprietary ester-based formula dissolves the gums and residues and adds important lubrication that today’s engines and equipment require for maximum performance but seldom receives.

EQ Mileage Booster causes the engine to stay clean, run smoothly and efficiently and keeps it continually lubricated. The result is money saving, less pollution and a cleaner smoother performance. Users will save money, help the environment, extend engine life, all at virtually no cost considering the savings achieved by using EQ Mileage Booster. The Company continues to develop/secure new technology & products to benefit its customers and the environment.