“I have used EQ Mileage Booster in my vehicles for several years. In 2002 I bought a new 2002 Ford Thunderbird. I immediately started using EQ Mileage Booster and increased my mileage by over 10%, at the same time I began using regular unleaded fuel instead of the high test the manufacturer recommends. The car has great performance and no signs of ping or sluggishness even on regular unleaded gas. I also have a Dodge dual axel truck that uses diesel fuel. The use of EQ Mileage Booster has increased my mileage by over 12% and the truck runs smoother and quieter than before I applied the EQ Mileage Booster. I have been a General Contractor for over 40 years so I have other equipment that operates on diesel fuel. I have used EQ Mileage Booster in my 60 ft crane, my backhoe and other equipment. I have found a consistent improvement in performance; decrease in smoke and emissions and smoother action and less maintenance. I would recommend EQ Mileage Booster to anyone who demands high performance at the lowest possible cost”. 

Donald L. Stukas, Stukas Construction

It surprised me how much better my fuel mileage got after using this product. I would definitely recommend Mileage Booster to everyone who is fed up with today’s high gas prices.” 

Lyne J., Mojave Valley, AZ

“I normally get 323 miles per tank of gas. With Mileage Booster added to my tank, I got 381 miles! That is AWESOME!”

Dwayne P., Corona, CA

“I have increased my 2001 Ford V10 (motor home) mileage from 7 ½ mpg. to 9 mpg. over the past 6 months (with EQ Mileage Booster)”. 

Tom , Las Vegas, NV

“For many years I’ve driven to Las Vegas from San Pedro, CA. I always had to refuel before arriving at my destination because my 1995 Honda Odyssey van would be pushing empty. Now I’ve been using EQ Mileage Booster for about a year. At first I had about 1/8 of a tank of gas left when I reached Las Vegas, today I have about ¼ of a tank left and my engine purrs like a kitten…thanks to Mileage Booster! Recently I had a smog test and the mechanic said it did very, very well”.

Joe Jaramillo, L.A. Department of Public Works (Retired)
I tested your product (EQ Mileage Booster) in my 1976 Ford ¾ ton pickup. I have never gotten more than 11 mpg highway and 9 ½ mpg city. Your product (EQ Mileage Booster) was put into the gas as per instructions and tested on the highway. The vehicle got 13 ½ mpg. If my calculations are correct, that represents a 22.7% increase in gas mileage.
Dan, Las Vegas, NV